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Elevating Sustainability: Our eKu Story

From the sunlit shores of Australia, a tale of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary unfolds: the story of eKu, where every product is more than what meets the eye. At the heart of our brand beats a commitment to sustainability that pulses passionately through all that we do – echoing our journey from inception to innovation.

A Journey to Upcycle

eKu was born of an unyielding love for the planet and a vision to cherish – not just slice of life, but the world as a whole. Jeremy and Kylie, the dynamic duo behind eKu, brought their collective experiences and aspirations together to create something truly unique. Propelled by a desire to minimise waste and maximise potential, we’ve chosen upcycling as our path.

Each eKu product sings a story of rebirth, crafted from post-consumer food container materials, and adopting these discarded pieces into new products. This isn’t just a brand decision; it’s a value we live and breathe. Every spoon, bowl, or plate is a nod to the belief that we can always give something a second life – a belief so vibrantly threaded through our products.

Vision to Revolutionize

Our dream is bold yet simple: to evolve the culinary landscape by merging style and sustainability. We do not merely offer kitchen products but rather, opportunities for mindful living. We strive for a world where eco-consciousness and elegance coexist in every household. For this purpose, we dedicate our energy to creating innovative, high-quality goods that spark joy.

But eKu’s mission stretches beyond the crafting table. We serve as torchbearers for a circular economy, demonstrating that responsible consumption can be synonymous with luxury and comfort. We see a world where individuals revel in the beauty of their possessions, knowing they’ve made a positive impact on the environment.

Our Core Values, Your Promise

Our dedication to integrity is unwavering. We stand by the principles that guide us:

  • Sustainability at Every Step: Utilizing upcycled materials isn’t a gimmick; it's a cornerstone of our craft. We work tirelessly to minimize our environmental footprint, weaving this ethos into every thread of the eKu experience.

  • Passion that Sizzles: We infuse our work with an unbridled passion for creating not just products, but legacies you can be proud of. We want to inspire you to cherish your eKu items as much as we do.

  • Ethical Crafting, Ethical Living: The products you love are birthed from a process you can trust. With fair labor practices and a local-first mindset, we ensure that our journey leaves a positive impact on all it touches.

  • Supporting Communities, Sowing Change: We’re not just building a brand; we’re nurturing a community. Our partner and factories have built factories both within China and outside of China. Cambodia is a fully owned factory where we have built a school for the children of the workers. A portion of the proceeds from our products made here will go to support the school. We sow the seeds of change to grow together as a more conscious global family.

eKu isn’t just a brand; it’s an invitation to be part of a kinder tomorrow. We ask you to join us, not just as a consumer but as a steward of the planet. Together, we can revitalize our surroundings and make every act of creation an affirmation of our dedication to a harmonious, earth-aware future.

Embrace the new standard of sustainability. Dive into our collection and let your journey with eKu be as transformative as the products you’ll welcome into your life. Small choices can make a world of difference – and with eKu, those choices are bound to look good. Be part of our story, and let's write the next chapters together.


 Meet The Team 

"I have sought feedback over the last 20 years, always curious about what makes a great product and how it works. I could talk to someone about a peeler for hours!

So I put the knowledge gained over many years into the design cues and insights for every eKu product. I envisioned the brand being all around the world in homes like ours. Enjoying great food made with excellent products served beautifully for family & friends".

- Kylie (Co-Founder)


Who's behind the lens

You probably have seen the amazing images scattered over our website and social media. We had a vision for the brand, we wanted fun and colourful shots that show off what the utensils and storage are all about!

Grace our product photographer got the memo right away and every time she holds the camera, magic happens.


New York Design

Our unique handle and design came into being with the help of our amazing designer Bart Ruijpers.


Bart the founder of is a Brooklyn based design studio with Dutch roots. Focusing on creating elegant and functional solutions for products we use every day.

Graphic & Packaging

"I have worked in the Design Industry for 15+ years, in Packaging (FMCG included), with many Domestic and International brands, as well as many local small businesses.


Currently residing in Wollongong with husband and 3 young children, freelancing and working remotely. I love food, baking and colour!! Which is perfect when it comes to the whole brand... it's eKu in a nutshell! hahaha!" - Lea

Used Plastic Bottle on Beach

eKu Up -Cycle

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